Birthday Loot

I promised I would tell you what I got for my birthday.  Of course what I asked for wasn’t just something that is found in every 5 and 10 cent store anymore..years ago perhaps.

I asked for a Shiny Brite Tree Topper.


Far Guy found it’s original box!

Here is some of my loot.


The old photographs are from my daughter Jen along with one of my favorite treats Chipsters..potato chips covered in chocolate…they are not in the photo..I put them in the fridge:)


The sunflower bowl and the sunflower table runner are gifts from Jo.

I got a pair of orange crocs from my parents and some money.  I bought a cookbook that I had my eye on all summer.  It is a collection of recipes from all the Hubbard County Homemakers’ Clubs from their Christmas Fair Booklets 1967 to 1985. I do know some of those cooks.  Far Guy got his hopes up for just a few seconds..he thought I would make some of the recipes in the book.  Not real likely as I just like to read cookbooks.

I got cards in the mail and many wonderful birthday wishes on Facebook and here on the blog..Thanks everyone for your good wishes!  I think I have finally accepted the idea that I am now sixty and older than dirt.  That would be just regular dirt..not the guy known as Dirt who is married to Lanny:)

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2 Responses to Birthday Loot

  1. We have couple like Lanny and Dirt living in a converted schoolhouse/church about a half mile from the Bluff!!!

    Nice gifts! The Shiny Brite tree topper is a real special one…I know you love Shiny Brites!!!! Keep celebrating your birth day a little longer..special birthdays need to be observed for a couple of weeks at least! I am “carrying on” longer and longer each year!

  2. Ann says:

    Where could I purchase a copy of that cookbook?

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