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Happy Halloween!

The candy has been purchased and put into cute little green bags decorated with scary black cats all hunched up. We will be awaiting the hoards of goblins..we might get 8 possibly up to 10 children. Each one will have … Continue reading

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Chance: Forgotten Birthday

HELLO it is I the handsome blogging Border Collie..whose birthday was totally forgotten. On Tuesday October 25 I was seven years old.  No atta boys.  Finally on Friday ( three count them three days late) Far Side said “I … Continue reading

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We had a really hard frost on Thursday morning.  Then a chance of snow was forecast for Friday did not develop…although it certainly was cold enough. We had some fog that went along with the frost. Chance and I … Continue reading

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Minne kukat kadonneet

Long time passing Minne kukat kadonneet Long time ago Minne kukat kadonneet Gone..the flowers are all gone..:(

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No Trespassing

Deer Hunting will start soon.  Our signs were getting old.  Some say No Hunting and some say No Trespassing. There are enough of us that live back here in the woods.. we don’t need some idiot shooting every which way … Continue reading

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Wistful Wednesday: 1981

When we ( Far Guy ) was done with Active Duty and we moved back to Minnesota from Florida we lived in an apartment for awhile. Trica called it the brick sidewall.  A name she made had bricks…she was … Continue reading

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Carving: The Lady Slipper

Over the summer I was able to go to carving but never for very long..I always had something else to do that day get the picture. The group began a new project.  Byron learned how to carve a … Continue reading

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The Skunking

Chance still smells a little like skunk..even though he has endured many baths.  If he gets wet in the morning dew..the odor is accentuated.   Good thing we love him as much as we do! Take it from me..skunk smell is … Continue reading

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Fargo: The Train Show

We headed south from Winnipeg..picked up Chance and went to the Crystal Ballroom at the Ramada in Fargo North Dakota. We could not resist… a chocolate car:) a spotlight car TA DA..this is the one I is a gang … Continue reading

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Canada :The Train Show

This is what we went to Winnipeg for..the Train Show.  You see we are addicted..and should go into treatment. I am not as addicted to the I am the road trips to the train shows that may or may … Continue reading

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