Drive By Fall Photos

I took some photos out of the windshield while we were going down an area Highway.  It is a “Scenic Byway” that has very few areas to actually pull over to take a photo.  If you do pull over and get out of the car to take a must be very careful.

Near the Pickrel Lake Road

Saturday was a beautiful was yesterday..we are having a bit of an Indian Summer. 

Near Toad Lake Hwy 34

Warm lazy fall days, too warm to rake leaves, too warm to stack wood.

Maple Tree along Hwy 34

Nice days, perfect for going for a drive:)

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2 Responses to Drive By Fall Photos

  1. GramMary says:

    Nice to see you taking rides instead of slaving at the museum!

  2. Very pretty…I am afraid we are not going to get our “ride” while the leaves are still on the trees….haivng guests this weekend has me a slave to getting ready..and this would be the week to go for a ride. How dumb can one person get?

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