Carving: The Lady Slipper

Over the summer I was able to go to carving but never for very long..I always had something else to do that day get the picture.

The group began a new project.  Byron learned how to carve a Lady Slipper ( the flower).  He brought in blanks..those are the wooden pieces that must be carved…and tutored the rest of us as we carved.  Most everyone is done..except me. 

Here are mine.

My Lady Slipper parts

It is a work in progress.  I am on my second set of petals..those wingy looking things up in the right hand corner.  The first set..I carved and carved..until they got really tiny..too tiny to look good.

This is Far Guys..I took a quick photo of it before he mailed it off to his sister.  He did is a masterpiece!

Far Guys Lady Slipper

I painted it for him..he wanted the colors muted and soft looking.  I used acrylic paint and watered it down, Far Guy sealed it with beeswax. 

Byron is making them by the bunch..these are carved from Black Ash.

Byrons Lady Slippers

Sigh..I wish mine was done.  It must go on the back burner for a bit while we carve Christmas ornaments. No clues right now what they is always a surprise:)

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3 Responses to Carving: The Lady Slipper

  1. GramMary says:

    Talented people!

  2. Phyllis Pritchard says:

    Beautiful!! My favorite flower.

  3. Jan - Alexandria says:

    Super nice!! Wish I had the talent you two have! Enjoy seeing your crafts.

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