Wistful Wednesday: 1981

When we ( Far Guy ) was done with Active Duty and we moved back to Minnesota from Florida we lived in an apartment for awhile. Trica called it the brick sidewall.  A name she made up..it had bricks…she was three. I was pregnant with Jennifer.   Apartment living drove us all nuts, I did not want to bring a new baby home to that apartment, where we had to walk the dog on a leash and goodness knows who was roaming the halls at night.  We could not afford a house so we settled into a brand new mobile home in Regal Estates for a few years..six to be exact ( 1975 to 1981).

Thirty years ago we bought our first house in Moorhead Minnesota.

1108 13th Street North 1982 

In the summer of 1981 the interest rate was 18 1/2 percent. We were in a recession. ( Lets all say Uffda together!)  The house had been a foreclosure. We paid almost as much in interest as we did payments.  The house cost $24,900.00  it had two bedrooms, one bath, kitchen, and a living room dining room combined.  It was about 900 square feet.  It did have a basement and a huge fenced backyard with a garden spot.  It was less than one block from the city park, and a block and a half from the neighborhood school. It was perfect..except for the payment..and the fact that we had very little furniture.  I was working nights, Far Guy worked days.  We saw each other either at 1:30AM when I got home from work..or at 6AM when he got up to go to work and Sundays. We didn’t need daycare for the girls..they were six and nine.  I slept after I got them off to school.

1108 13th Street North Winter 1981-1982

We bought furniture and redecorated every room in the house. We re-shingled the garage and built a deck in the backyard…where I hung my collection of wind chimes. It was home for seven years, until we moved to the lake. 

Back in early October we were in North Moorhead and I was driving..and I had my camera..imagine that.

1108 13th Street North Fall of 2011

It is still a well kept house..I wonder what it looked like inside? Was the kitchen still country blue and off white with a rust colored linoleum floor?  Was the basement still knotty pine?  Far Guy said “Yup the chimney is still crooked.”

We drove by the school..

Washington School used to be here

This is the corner where the neighborhood school used to be..sadly it is no longer there.  I can still see the double doors that welcomed my children inside..and the playground with the swings with the “soft rocks”.  I could almost hear the children and their friends laughing and talking:)

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  1. Sweet memories last forever…especially with that camera of yours!!
    Such good photos you take…you are a PRO!

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