No Trespassing

Deer Hunting will start soon.  Our signs were getting old.  Some say No Hunting and some say No Trespassing. There are enough of us that live back here in the woods.. we don’t need some idiot shooting every which way in our neighborhood.  My Dad will hunt at his deer stand which is away from all of the houses.

A few of the signs have been ripped down.  Some people don’t like signs.  I dislike having the signs attached to trees. We use the power poles when we can.  Sometimes we have to use a tree.


Far Guy needed help, I was to drive the three wheeler and Far Guy was to ride in the wagon with all the signs.  This is supposed to be an easy will just take a few minutes.  Well the three wheeler would not start..the spark plug was bad.  So we drove fourteen miles into town because we had no extra spark plugs.  It was threatening to rain.  Finally we got on our way over an hour later..

I drove into the ditch..the trailer overturned and Far Guy went flying in the air.  I looked back and it seemed like he was in the air forever before he finally landed.   Holy Crap!  Have I  broken his bad hip or even worse have I killed him? I hop off ..and tend to him.  Yup he is OK..he can move everything.. he can get up and he is limping just like normal.  He wanted to finish putting up the signs..


I was sure he was going to be really sore the next day..luckily he was no worse for the wear.  Next time I should make him wear a helmet:)

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  1. Thanks for the account of your driving and Farguy’s flying lessons!!!!

  2. GramMary says:

    Poor Far Guy – how about a parachute?

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