Happy Halloween!

The candy has been purchased and put into cute little green bags decorated with scary black cats all hunched up.

We will be awaiting the hoards of goblins..we might get 8 possibly up to 10 children. Each one will have to pose for a photo before getting any candy!

Here is daughter Jen’s take on Halloween pumpkins this year. She goes all out for Halloween. IMG_7361

Of course it was more impressive at night.

jens Pumpkins

Our grands are getting older..Adam is the only one who will go Trick or Treating this year. 

Here in the “boonies” kids still wait to go out the real evening of Halloween.  So what if Halloween isn’t on a weekend. I remember how excited our girls used to be to go out with their Dad in snow and sleet and icy rain..dressed in snowsuits and sometimes wrapped in blankets. It was always an adventure they shared on October 31st.

Of course I remember what I used to say on Halloween. “Trick or Treat..money or eats..or we will tip your toilet over!.” (this was a long time ago..when everyone in the country had outhouses.) :)

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  1. Great photo of Jen’s lit-up pumpkins. I hope no silly fools do any damage to them tonight!

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