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Wistful Wednesday: Relatives

This is an old photo from years ago.  I found it among the hunting and fishing photos in my Father In Laws album.   I finished that scanning project and made a CD of the photos and packed it all away … Continue reading

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Back to Brown

It was unseasonably warm one was almost 50 degrees .  So all the snow melted.  Let’s all say AWWWW together. So our second snow has come and gone.  The next snow.. the third will stay.  We are back to … Continue reading

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The Five

We have five grands and it doesn’t look like we will get anymore grandchildren. They are growing like weeds. I took the above photo in May of 2011. Thanksgiving Day I took another photo.  Someone who just might be the … Continue reading

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Men at Work: Making Lefsa

Last Wednesday evening was the making of the lefsa.  Jen learned how to make lefsa from Andy.  His family makes lefsa. Lefsa is mainly potatoes and flour.  From what I understand every family has their own recipe, handed down from … Continue reading

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Pie Bakery

The pie bakery will not be opening soon. It was a lot of work and I would never be able to resist tasting them all.  The pies turned out okay.  My Son In Law said “ I didn’t think you … Continue reading

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Tuesday I spent the day with my cousins.  It was a quilting project.  We each brought a half of a yard of fabric that was cut into 2 1/2 inch strips. It seems everyone had more than plenty of scraps.  … Continue reading

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Turkey Day!

“Give thanks for unknown blessings already on their way.”  Author Unknown I hope the pies turn out..but who really cares after a wonderful meal with family:)

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Wistful Wednesday: The Twins

My Uncle and Aunt are twins and they were born 60 years ago this week.  I am just two months older than them.  When they were born..there were three babies in the Mother was staying with her parents while … Continue reading

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My Cookbook

My Cookbook is almost 42 years old.  We got two of them as wedding gifts.  One was hard bound and one was in a five ring binder.  One of them was from one of Far Guys X girlfriends.  I was … Continue reading

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Chance: Snow Fun

Hey it’s me again..the handsome blogging Border Collie..seems like only a day or two has passed since Far Side handed over her computer.. she is busy doing “stuff” and trying to get her head above water with some of her … Continue reading

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