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My Cookbook is almost 42 years old.  We got two of them as wedding gifts.  One was hard bound and one was in a five ring binder.  One of them was from one of Far Guys X girlfriends.  I was insulted. ( I think my lip may have quivered..people that know me well will run for cover at the first sign of a quiver.) After all I could make a real tasty grilled cheese sandwich complete with warmed up tomato soup out of a can and I could scramble an egg, sometimes even without burning it!

As it happened..she (the X) got married the next weekend.  We attended the fancy smancy wedding with candelabras on every pew and violin music.  I re-gifted her the hardbound Betty Crocker cookbook..and I kept the one in the five ring binder for myself.  I wonder if she still has it..I know she doesn’t have the husband. ( Ha! I still have mine!)


There are parts of this cookbook that are all worn out.  The cookie sections have notes and recipes written in the margins.

single sheets

Pathetic looking isn’t it?  Perhaps I should invest in some of those circle thingys to reinforce the holes.

Some are single sheets..well loved recipes..proof that once upon a time I made cookies for my girls.  A long time ago they were each encouraged to choose two kinds of Christmas Cookies..and they would help me bake.  Far Guy always chose the Ginger Snaps with that improved recipe written in red ink.  That other recipe in the center of the page is for a soft molasses raisin cookie that gets topped with a powdered sugar frosting..yummy.  That was my favorite!  I know it doesn’t say anything about raisins or a frosting..but believe me..that is a good cookie. IMG_7772

One confusing recipe is written on the front cover.  I know I was talking to my Grandma Drewes on the phone when I wrote it down.  It was her recipe for my favorite Russian Dill Pickles.  Hopefully I have the real recipe written down someplace else.

I have almost worn this book out and I still cannot cook. I watch all kinds of cooking shows and collect recipe books to read..not sure it has ever done a lick of good. 

The back of the well used cookbook 

42 years ago this cookbook had a front and a back cover..I still have the back cover..for old times sake.  I suppose I should look for a new index..everything beyond half of R is missing:)

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3 Responses to My Cookbook

  1. Good story about old and favorite cookbooks….
    ine are battered also and I solved it by putting the loose pages of one in a big plastic bag…a freezer bag style. I just sift thru ther loose pages looking for the recipe for a
    Adla’s rye bread each December!!! It is a sign of a good cook and a good cookbook when they get stained with food, written in and fall apart!!!!
    Betty Crocker is the best. I never got one or bought one by I have checked “her” out from the library. My fruitcake recipe is Betty Crocker from years and years ago.

  2. GramMary says:

    My Betty Crocker was a bridal shower gift and has been in use nearly 54 years. She is in semi-retirement now, as is this cook. :) Love the ex-girlfriend story! You go girl!

  3. David Swanson says:

    I remember my mothers cook book was well worn, written in, overflowing with scraps of paper and index cards. When she passed we lost a good cook..

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