Tuesday I spent the day with my cousins.  It was a quilting project.  We each brought a half of a yard of fabric that was cut into 2 1/2 inch strips.

Fabric strips

It seems everyone had more than plenty of scraps.  These are Hilda’s.  We threw them all inside a paper bag and mixed them  up. Those who sewed were  supposed to blindly grab three pieces of fabric out of the bag and sew them together.   There were four cousins ( Geraldine, Diana, Evelyn and Hilda) that sewed the strips together. They are multi talented and can talk and sew all at the same time… and giggle.

strips of fabric sewn together

I pressed the seams all the same way and Kathy squared up the blocks and cut them to the correct size.  Aunt Anna did whatever needed doing..sewing..ripping out seams that were too fat..and squaring up squares.

Stacks of squares

Then they were sewed into long strips.


And finally a quilt emerged.

Almost finished  two rows left to go

This one had two more strips to be sewn on..but it was getting dark and it had been a long I came home.

Things heard at the gathering :

“How big of a quilt are we making?”   “We are just sewing all the fabric up.” “We have no idea.”  “Who knows?”

“What if we don’t have enough fabric?”  “Never fear I have more fabric stashed in the house.”  OR  “I can run home and get whatever we need.”

“What time is lunch?”  “Noonish..what time is it now?”  “12:30 ..time flies when you are having fun.”

Lunch was a feast..Roast Pork for sandwiches on homemade from scratch flat bread, two kinds of homemade soup..and enough bars to feed your sweet tooth for days.  I brought grapes and pumpkin bread.

The quilts..I think there are two in the full size and possibly a twin or a throw will be completed over the winter and they will be put away for a family in need or donated to a good cause:)

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  1. Phyllis Pritchard says:

    What a wonderful project, looks great!!

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