Men at Work: Making Lefsa

Last Wednesday evening was the making of the lefsa.  Jen learned how to make lefsa from Andy.  His family makes lefsa. Lefsa is mainly potatoes and flour.  From what I understand every family has their own recipe, handed down from generation to generation.  Andy’s family has honeybees so they put honey in the potato mixture…so does Andy.  ( I was not paying close enough attention to tell you exactly what the recipe was…besides that it may be a family secret.)

I will eat lefsa..even though potatoes are one of my favorite foods..lefsa is not.   IF I eat it I like it with butter and sugar.

I took some photos whilst the men worked!

Andy and Gene making lefsa

Andy is mixing and rolling..Far Guy is frying the lefsa on the lefsa griddle. You pick it up with that stick and flop in on the looks easy..but I think it might involve a wee bit of coordination.

perfect lefsa

You need special tools to make lefsa..a special board with a cover and a rolling pin..and a lefsa stick and a griddle.  The potatoes must be cooked ahead of time and riced in a potato ricer.

lefsa stacked up

After it comes off the griddle it is folded in half and then half again to cool..then these triangles are cut in half again and packaged.  There are no it must go into the freezer until it is used.  Take it from me..lefsa can grow some great looking penicillin mold in the fridge if it is kept there too long.

I think this one might be an oops.. maybe Far Guy did it on purpose..he loves lefsa!

Far Guys lefsa mistake

I asked Far Guy, “how was your lefsa experience?”  He replied “ Fun! I learned how to flip lefsa.”

My Aunt Skip used to work at a lefsa factory,  I am not sure where it was might have been in Lake Park or perhaps Hawley.  I know there is an old lefsa factory in Hitterdahl Minnesota because there is still a sign on the old building.

Lefsa is a “holiday food” that many people in Minnesota enjoy:)

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  1. susan says:

    Well I make lefsa , I learned how from my mother-in-law, my husband helps sometimes he is my flipper but he makes mistakes just so he can eat them right away! I made to batches and that should do it for the holidays, got all my lefsa supplies from my mom so when ever I make it I think of her she love lefsa and all Norwegion goodies. The place that makes lefsa is in Ulen they do quite the business they sell in stores and right out of their building and it is pretty good lefsa. I believe it is called Lena’s Lefsa.

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