The Five

We have five grands and it doesn’t look like we will get anymore grandchildren.

They are growing like weeds.

The five May 2011 (2)

I took the above photo in May of 2011.

Thanksgiving Day I took another photo.  Someone who just might be the oldest has stopped growing for the moment…maybe forever.  Her sisters passed her up.  She was not happy to have slipped two spaces.

The Five November 24 2011

She asked me several times “Grandma are you sure? Are you positive that they are both taller than me?”

The Grands

Sorry “Shorty” ..Your sisters really have to slouch while standing next to you for you to be taller than them.

Just as there are no two stars in the night sky or snowflakes in the air that are exactly the same.  These five are very different from each other, they continue to amaze and entertain Far Guy and I:)

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  1. Handsome boys/beautiful girls! You done good Gramma and Grampa!!!

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