Back to Brown

It was unseasonably warm one was almost 50 degrees .  So all the snow melted.  Let’s all say AWWWW together.


So our second snow has come and gone.  The next snow.. the third will stay.  We are back to brown.

My Dad stopped by one day, I told him that we were going to have a frosty winter without measurable snow until February.  He said “Oh no the muskrat houses never lie and we will have lots of snow.”  I asked him if he wanted to bet 20 dollars…he didn’t.  he said “ If the muskrat house is low..there will be lots of snow.  If they are built high..not so much snow.”  We will just have to wait and see. 

We are still working on the carved Christmas ornaments.  In the next day or two or three I will have it all wrapped up!  What a pain in the butt this design has been.  As soon as I have them all packaged up and mailed out I will share all the details.

I passed up shopping Black Friday..and I passed up shopping on Small Business Saturday too..and Cyber Monday passed without me buying a thing.  I never got that shopping gene that women are supposed to have…you know the one where they get all dressed up and shop all day long and smile as they rush from one store to the next picking out the perfect gift for everyone on their list. Was I gypped or just one of the lucky ones?:)

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One Response to Back to Brown

  1. You are one of the lucky ones (like me) shopping gene (and I don’t mean FG!)
    I am enjoying our brown fall also. I recall reading the LONG WINTER by Laura Ingalls Wilder and an old Indian came to the town and said the muskrat houses predicted a very bad winter…and it was (1888 I think) DeSmet, SD nearly starved–the trains could not get through.

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