Chance: A Shiny Brite Secret and a Sty

Hey!  It’s me..the blogging Border Collie.


I have been just miserable..I have a sore eye.  Someone thinks I may have whopped myself in the eye running through the brush after a squirrel.   I was blinking my eye as fast as I was all yucky too..and I was squinting.  Far Side found some old doggie ophthalmic ointment from the last time I scratched my cornea.  She said “Chance you are a repeat offender.”

Tuesday morning I went to the Vet..I know the routine.  They always want to know how much I weigh so I just walk to the scale and hop on and sit down..  Hmmm..  62 pounds.  Then they want me on the table..Okay I can cooperate.. I put my front feet on the exam table..Far Guy decided to help hoist me up.  They put gunk in my eye..I look to the left and then to the right.  Far Side is behind the Doc..looking..she can’t see a scratch or anything..finally they decide I have a sty which looks like a tiny little pimple on my lower eyelid.   My eyes.. both of them..  got all rinsed felt yucky ..but I sat like a good boy.  The Vet gave me a treat..I refused way was I taking that treat after an eye wash.

We got a new tube of ointment and my eye is much better..I get a treat every time they put the ointment in my eye. I will be good as new in a couple of days.

I went to see Far Side’s Mom yesterday..she is back at home and recovering nicely from her bad fall.  She has a new ramp at her house and a walker and a wheelchair.  I am not a bit afraid of any of those things because when I was a pup I went to the Nursing Home to visit just about every day.

Now you wanna see the Shiny Brite Secret? 

Shiny Brites are the Christmas ornaments that Far Side collects.  They are on the huge tree upstairs.  I watched  supervised the are you ready for the secret??

Chance and the Shiny Brite Secret

There are no lights on that tree only Shiny Brites picking up what light they can.  Far Side thinks it is quite magical..she is easily impressed:)

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4 Responses to Chance: A Shiny Brite Secret and a Sty

  1. K. Hass says:

    Atta boy, Chance! Everyone knows how smart and talented border collies are. Far Side is lucky to have such a great pal as you are, and aren’t you clever to be a good boy for the doctor? Nice picture of you by the tree! I didn’t know what a Shiny Brite tree was. Now I feel really smart, too!

  2. That is an impressive tree, Chance. Think of all the trouble Farside went to
    to collect all those shiny-brites!
    I am glad your eye is feeling better. Styes are no fun!!!!
    And you deserve treats because you are the BEST of boys.

  3. GramMary says:

    Chance, you are the best dog in the state of Minnesota!

  4. Sharron says:

    Merry Christmas, Chance. You are a beautiful dog and I would just love to give you a great big hug. I sure hope there is something under the Christmas tree for you…you deserve a present.

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