Merry Christmas Eve!

The stockings are hung by the fireplace, the house has been decorated and every last ornament has found a place on a tree. The house has been cleaned and almost all dusted. No one should be able to write “Dust me” on anything.


My oldest ornament ..a pink and blue fish that used to be part of a twelve piece set that was usually given to Newlyweds..each ornament had a special meaning.  The fish  symbolized Christ’s Blessings.  If I keep looking someday I may find a whole box of these ornaments at a shop or at a sale.

Upstairs at Christmas

The packages are wrapped and piled upstairs.  Yesterday one of my old timers moments caused me to search high and low for a gift that I bought last summer.  Now I remember why I don’t shop ahead of time.  I cannot remember where I put the gifts.  After searching every inch of the house for THREE HOURS looking in every drawer and cabinet at least twice..mumbling to really need to put clean out drawers on the “to do” list… I found it.   It was a miracle. I was ready to write a note that said “When I find your gift I will bring it over.”  I can just hear a certain someone laughing about that.

The Pumpkin Bread was baked and loaves were delivered.  A new recipe was tried for Flat bread.  I conquered it!! ( Thank goodness for cousins that can bake and share their recipes!!  Thanks Geraldine! )   The Beans were Baked..and frozen.. also another recipe from Geraldine!  The kitchen smells wonderful as I write this..Far Guy made his Caramel wouldn’t be Christmas morning without them.

Today I will make Flat Bread again..Cornbread Muffins and an Italian Sausage Cheesy Dip and an Apple Crisp. 

I have a few recipes for the grand girls to try..we are having snack food on Christmas Eve after Church..Crescent rolls, some with little sausages and some with pepperoni and mozzarella cheese sticks…with some marvelous dip.. oh and Herring.. a Christmas Eve staple at our house.

We got a little snow..about an inch..just enough to make it look a little like Christmas.

Merry Christmas Eve everyone!  :)

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  1. GramMary says:


  2. I can smell the food and see the tree and the presents.
    The same routine is happening here at the Bluff……rommegrot, rice pudding, cheese balls..the meatballs are made and everything is ALMOST ready for tomorrow.
    Enjoy your Loved Ones!!!!! I know you will.
    Give Chance a Christmas Hug from this Olde Elf!!!

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