December 26, 2011

The day after..and I am tired.

Christmas Eve after church we sat napped through the Justin Bieber movie Never say Never..whilst the girls swooned and sang along with all the songs.

The boys and their parents spent most of Christmas Eve Day up North with Andy’s parents.  They arrived late at night and they sacked out in the Living Room.

It was all a success..we ate and we did dishes..we ate again.

Here are the five on Christmas Morning. These kids must all be growing..they can pack away the food!


I had just told them “If you kids don’t smile..we are never going to open any packages.”

Girls Dancing

The girls danced. They all played with their new toys. Cameras and Ipods and Nintendo DS3’s and a compound bow.

Laughter and giggling commenced for most of the day..we played Pass The Pig..a simple game like dice except you use pigs.

My Mom and Dad ventured out and had dinner with us..and Mom made it down and up the stairs safely.

Sometime during the day..I was at my computer..Adam came by and said “Grandma could I please use your computer?”   I said “Of Course.”  He said “Oh yeah Merry Christmas Grandma.” I used to think he might be a UPS delivery guy when he grew up because he liked to push the truck (cart) around in the I  am not so sure..he sure knows how to schmooze his Grandma:)Adam Merry Christmas

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One Response to December 26, 2011

  1. The DAY AFTER is always time for R and R. I have declared today (26) to be my pajama day (stay in pajmas all day and NOT answer the door if anyone comes)
    I am going to eat Activia yogurt and allow my digestive system to recover also.
    Too many snacks after the big dinner (chex mix, sandbakkels, fudge, truffles etc.)
    I felt like a large distended balloon last night.
    We had a good family day just like you did. Our kids skated on the deeply frozen dead
    river…it is like glass with no snow on it.
    Enjoy “Boxing Day” (Dec 26 in England but I can’t remember why they call it that)

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