Wistful Wednesday: Christmas 1959

This is a Christmas photo that my Mom took in 1959.

Christmas Connie and Carey 1959

We are on the front porch of the farm house..I am not sure why the tree was out there all covered in tinsel and all. Perhaps this was the winter that some construction was going on inside the house and the tree was better off in the porch.  In early 1960  we got an indoor bathroom and a real tub. That would have been a good enough Christmas present!   No more cold freeze your butt off outhouse seat. No more sharing of the bath water in a galvanized wash tub.

I guess I must have gotten a life size doll so I could practice being a good babysitter or something.  I have no recollection of playing with that doll very much..it had eyes that closed when you laid it down. 

That is my baby brother Carey in the photo..with one of those snazzy shirts that my Mom used to sew for him.  I think that one was flannel and it had horses on it..gosh I loved horses..he didn’t care very much for them..yet he got the horse curtains and the horse shirts..and look at that.. he didn’t even tuck in his shirt or pose for the camera:)

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  1. My “Nancy” doll looked a lot like the one you are holding…bulky cloth body with a plaster head and plaster wavy hair and eyes that opened and closed. High doll tech for that time!

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