Four Years

One day back in 2007 I woke up and said..gosh I think I will write a blog.  Perhaps I will voice some of my opinions and tell some stories about how things used to be when I was a little girl.  Perhaps “The Five” will find it interesting and amusing someday to learn something about their Grandmother…then again maybe never know.

I had been reading Buffalo Gal’s Blog for a couple of years..she was and is awesome with all of her stories!   She and I became fast friends.  I value her opinion and her friendship.

Today is post number 1,468.  I have not missed many days in four years. Daughter Jen guest blogged one time when I was hospitalized with pneumonia.  Chance guest blogs from time to time so I do get a break.

One thing I worry about is repeating myself..have I shown an old photo before on Wistful Wednesday?  If I repeat myself I hope my readers will just go with the flow, and chalk it up to getting older.  I thought about compiling an index..I decided it would be too much work.

Last summer when I was working at the museum I began to write in my mind and then spit them out into the computer late at night.  It seems to have worked.  I have discovered my best writing time is when the house is quiet and the phone is not ringing.  Blogging is a hobby.. a fun hobby.  Most of my blogs are written the night before and published in the early morning.

I also write Forgotten Old Photos.  A blog where old photos found in antique shops are sometimes reunited with family.  That blog brings me great personal satisfaction.  I also get to feed the old photo collection monster that dwells inside me.

Blogging would be a perfect job!  This winter I am being paid to continue writing the Hubbard County Historical Museums blog.

My personal photo blog Far Side of Fifty Photos began to suffer last was hard to keep is still one of my passions..and Chance is sometimes a willing subject!

How long will I be blogging for..I have no idea..I take it all one day at a time. God willing and the crick don’t rise I will be back tomorrow.

I have “met” some marvelous bloggers over the past four years. Some I have actually met in real life..some are neighbors!  I thank each and every one of my readers, especially those who leave comments!

Now for a pretty picture. I once had a blogging friend who said “No post is complete without a pretty picture.”  Heaven has been her home for two years now.  Yes, even in the blogging world there is death and feelings of great loss when we lose one of our own.  I cannot explain just is.

Lupine and bokeh

Lupines in the wild gardens..with Veronica ‘Blue Bouquet’ providing the bokeh:)

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8 Responses to Four Years

  1. Elaine says:

    I just discovered your blog recently and have been enjoying it. I hope you are able to continue for a long time! PS I love lupins but have never had much luck getting them to ‘take’. They bloom for a couple years and then die off. Haven’t quite figured that out.

  2. Youre my favorite blogger Farside. I am glad you got started 4 years ago. I do not think I have missed one blog of yours! Keep going!!! Your readers would be bereft without a day with Farside, Farguy, the Girls, the Grands and Chance as well as all the other interesting things you add….the photos are wonderful!!!

  3. Sharron says:

    That photo should brighten everyone’s day. Keep the blogs coming and enjoy a happy, healthy, peaceful New Year.

  4. I’m old so when I say ‘SO THIS IS WHAT YOU CALL BLOGING!” I’m a poet and I enjoy writing of experiences of my child hood or any thing that has happned in my life or some one I know. And the Lupines is beautiful although I can never seem to keep flowers names in my head my daughter will tell me over and over ,ah to no avail.I know I will enjoy The Far Side Of Fifty It’s right up my ally

  5. GramMary says:

    Congrats. A day without Farside is a day without sunshine. You go girl!

  6. Jen says:

    Your bloggers will help you remember “the facts.” There have been two times you didn’t blog… you were right, I blogged for you when you were in the hospital, but no one blogged for you the day I was in the hospital… it was the only day you have ever missed. Blogging is a great hobby and among my morning routine when I read the paper. Happy Blogging Birthday!

  7. Gravy says:

    I have Floyd to thank for bringing your daily sunshine into my life. It keeps me abreast of your lives and I appreciate that. Thanks!

  8. GramaL says:

    Just found your blog a couple of years ago and I haven’t missed one since. Very interesting and fun to see your family and Chance. Don’t stop.

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