Last of the Red Hot Shoppers

I was so not ready to run out on Monday morning to shop.  I waited till Wednesday..then I hit Menards.

You see Menards had a 50 % off sale.  I knew I might be able to find what I was seeking there.

My list: Shiny Brites, a tree skirt, gift tags and wrapping paper.  The wrapping paper was a bust..I could have purchased Green Hornet or Transformer wrapping paper..there was not a plain piece of paper or one with whimsical little Angels or Birds left to be found.

My perfect Christmas wrapping paper exists only in my mind.  It has a white snow bank filled  background.  Cherub like children are decorating rows of trees with little birds and strings of cranberries and popcorn whilst forest creatures like deer and foxes and bunny rabbits look on. It has all colors on the paper so what ever color bow I grab works perfectly.

I got everything else on my list.

Shopping list

I really needed a tree skirt for the tall tree upstairs..I have a little tree skirt that barely goes around the tree that I purchased at a rummage sale for a quarter..this new one will be perfect.

The Shiny Brites are retro ones by Christopher Radco.  I now have two boxes of them.   Last year I missed the half price sale at Menards.  Two years ago I bought a full price..I couldn’t restrain myself.

Retro Shiny Brites and papers

This year the retro ornaments are nestled inside these Shiny Brite tissue how cool is that? about 50 years these will be collectable too.

Retro Shiny Brites

Next we hit the Antique Mall..a quick trip around looking for Vintage Shiny Brites..only one was found for $3.50..I passed.   John smiled as I walked up to his booth..he said “here look at these while I run home I have been saving some old photos for you.” I think John had a belated Merry Christmas..he now knows exactly what kind of old photos I will buy.  He had saved a whole bunch of old black and white photo Christmas cards…perfect.

Yesterday I was in another antique shop..a new gal was working.. I asked her if she had any old photos..she replied “ Someone must collect we don’t have any.” The shop owner came out and said “Hi ..we have no old have bought them all!” I did find four old photos there..sometimes  shop keepers have no idea what they have in their shops:) 

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  1. Congratulatoins on Menard bargains. I wanted to do the same for 50% off stuff…but I am too much into having Pajama Days this week. I need Christmas bags too but I might have to pay full price next Nov and Dec!!!
    I did not know they had Shiny Brites yet–even replicas. NEAT!

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