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Museum: Old Maps

I worked on the Historical Museums Newsletter yesterday is finally ready to mail.  I am all done with newsletters until May when I am back in my office. I am working on several H.U.G.E. projects…it all takes time. If … Continue reading

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Saving National Geo’s and Time

The other night whilst watching Hockey..I searched for a photo I did not find..but I found lots of other things. Like these. I had a whole bunch of 1930’s National Geographics and then these two.  Then I remembered the day … Continue reading

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Ta Da!

Finally it is accomplished.  I am not sure it was worth all the time and effort I put into it..but the kitchen cupboard and drawers have been cleaned.  Far Guy said “Perhaps I should just clean one cupboard or drawer … Continue reading

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Icy Roads

The roads are terrible, it snowed some and then the wind blew and so the North South stretches of road are icy. Milk was the only thing that drew us out of the warmth and safety of home.  We should … Continue reading

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Found: FBC

I found my FBC.  Do you have one? In the olden days you might have used it.  It might have been on your table and never moved off until it had to be washed and refilled. Give up?  Need  a … Continue reading

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Blue Alligators and other stuff

You know you live in Minnesota when you stop to photograph blue alligators in the winter. Someone has a sense of humor. I took these photos yesterday..we still don’t have very much snow by Minnesota standards. My kitchen cleaning was … Continue reading

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Wistful Wednesday: Solitaire

Far Guy’s Dad played Solitaire all winter long.  I often wonder what he would have done with a computer.  He marked the cards..he marked the aces with his thumb nail.  He had special marks all over his personal deck of … Continue reading

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The Butterflies Are Free!

I had butterflies until I began to speak..then they flew away one by one. Unknown Butterfly Summer of 2010 The event where I was the featured speaker went okay.  I was greeted warmly by almost everyone I met..I did not … Continue reading

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Dish Hoarder

I admit it..I have a dish problem. I like dishes..I have a hard time resisting them…I think some of them are calling my name at garage sales.   I have a drawer full of old dishes..I got this set for … Continue reading

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I am a featured speaker at a number of events over the winter. Some are big events and some are small events.  I hope I can inspire some new membership, new donations and new volunteers. I am so not a … Continue reading

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