I am a featured speaker at a number of events over the winter. Some are big events and some are small events.  I hope I can inspire some new membership, new donations and new volunteers. I am so not a wonderful public speaker..I don’t enjoy it..I like groups of twenty to thirty people..not hundreds..but I will do what I have to do.  I guess it comes with the territory.

I will resurrect the makeup and get all dolled up and dressed all proper before noon and put a smile on my face to have lunch with total strangers..gosh I hope I know someone there..one friendly face can make a difference. After lunch I am suppose to talk for at least 45 minutes..uffda..maybe 20 minutes..and then a question answer session for 25 minutes. I hope no one falls asleep.

I am a little bummed out. My counterpart that worked upstairs for the Art Museum will not be returning. Kelly all dressed up everyday in her high heels with her hair just perfect is going to spend the summer with her family..I don’t blame her..but I will miss her. I am a tad on edge wondering who will take her place.

In the meantime I have to come up with some kind of presentation to give this next week..I suppose I should work on it..so the butterflies don’t get the best of me.

IMG_7303 (2)

Painted Lady Butterfly on Zinnia Profusion Cherry last Fall.

Just like this butterfly flitted from flower to flower getting the best nectar.   I have to touch on all the best parts of the Historical Museum:)

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  1. Bonnie says:

    Connie, they are looking for speakers in SW Florida, should I pass your name on?


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