Dish Hoarder

I admit it..I have a dish problem. I like dishes..I have a hard time resisting them…I think some of them are calling my name at garage sales.


I have a drawer full of old dishes..I got this set for Christmas back in about 1983. Every year they become older..I rarely use them..sometimes the soup bowls if we have lots of people for supper.


This is what the dish drawer looks like normally..the salsa dish was a gift from Riley after we took care of him ( he is a Sheltie that lives on the lake).. I am not sure where the cookie plate came from..most likely is a pretty wildlife plate and I use it for cookies.  The tin blue creamers can be used as cups for little kids.  I am still looking for a cover for the clear butter dish.. and I like my glass measuring cup.

I  love all my drawers..nothing better than drawers. They are heavy duty.. Far Guy built all the kitchen drawers and cabinets for me..and I helped.


The flannel valence is up..looks warmer to me.

The dusty dishes are no longer dusty.


Having open shelves in the kitchen is sometimes a pain. I have more sets of dishes there..a tin set, a set of Fiesta, a set of Cobalt Blue Avon dishes most likely collectable too..and a set of Loon dishes  Thanks goodness all these sets are just place settings for four!

I took lots of photos in the kitchen, after the drawers were clean I photographed the contents.

I have several more sets ..a set of China for 20..when will I ever have 20 people in for dinner?  And many sets of real antique dishes that are packed away in boxes.  I am fairly certain I am a dish hoarder..what do you think?

I am still in the kitchen..slaving away..onward and forward to another bank of drawers and cabinets.  I am happy to have two thirds of the kitchen completely done.  I have eight more days until lollygagging can continue:)

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4 Responses to Dish Hoarder

  1. Phyllis Pritchard says:

    Oh, you have a beautiful kitchen!

  2. T Webb says:

    Haha! I, too, have way too many dishes…but who can help it??

  3. Bird says:

    It must run in my family…… mom and my grandma were dish hoarders, too. I have had 20+ for dinners………all those dishes do come in handy!

  4. Abra says:

    I am a dish hoarder as well, among other things. I love your kitchen!! Tell me, is your stove a ventless variety. I live in an old house and do not have a vent, so would like to invest in something that works better than no vent! ~Abra

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