Wistful Wednesday: Solitaire

Far Guy’s Dad played Solitaire all winter long.  I often wonder what he would have done with a computer. 

He marked the cards..he marked the aces with his thumb nail.  He had special marks all over his personal deck of cards.  He played Solitaire for hours…and he usually won.

He got his coffee and settled into his chair, he played on one of those fancy tri fold table protectors that graced the dining room table on days when dinner was served in there.  The linen tablecloths were never put on the table until the table protectors were in place.  They made a excellent temporary tabletop for endless games of Solitaire in the winter. 

Marvin relaxing (2)

Here he is in his spot.  The lampshade still has the plastic shield.  No doubt because he was a Tiparillo/ Pipe Smoker.  He didn’t smoke while he was playing cards. 

This photo must have been taken right around 1965.  It is a Polaroid snapshot.   He always wore flannel shirts in the winter, every shirt must have pockets..room for Tiparillos and Pipe Tobacco…and a pen.  He was a connoisseur of GOOD pens.  Only the finest pen made it’s way into his front pocket.  No regular Bic pens for him.

He liked to play cards.  We would often play 31 for nickels or Whist.  If we played Whist we learned to play opposite couples..because he could remember every card played.  If he was partnered with Far Guy’s Mom..she would be visiting away and forget all about the cards..she would miss a play.. he would tell her and she would cry..so I was a much better card partner for him.. because I did not cry easily over cards:)

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  1. GramMary says:

    Hmmm…maybe he could have figured out a way to let the computer cheat…and then told me!

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