Blue Alligators and other stuff

You know you live in Minnesota when you stop to photograph blue alligators in the winter.


Someone has a sense of humor.


I took these photos yesterday..we still don’t have very much snow by Minnesota standards.

My kitchen cleaning was interrupted yesterday by  Dentist appointments.  “Look Mom no cavities!!”  Far Guy did not fare as well..he needs to have a troublesome tooth pulled. We have a Dentist in a further away town so it takes all afternoon by the time we both get our teeth cleaned and have our checkups.  We both like the same we schedule our appointments back to back.  Then we go over to the bakery and buy some Finnish Flat Bread and an Apple Fritter to gunk up our oh so clean teeth. 

One of our daughters wanted to know what was taking so long in the kitchen?  She asked her Father “What is she using a toothbrush?”  The answer is yes, sometimes and Q Tips and sometimes a tooth pick.  There is nothing  being done half a$$ed in that kitchen this winter.  Beside that if I am in there half the day..Far Guy cooks..cause he feels guilty.

I scoured the oven racks whilst the oven was cleaning itself..and the fridge got moved out and cleaned.  Not much more day maybe two and I might have it complete.

My other projects are coming along as well..entries from Grandmas 1912 diary, entries into the Cousins Cookbook and Photo Cards are being made and Newsletter Articles are being written.  One by one things are crossed off my January list:)


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3 Responses to Blue Alligators and other stuff

  1. Jen says:

    Where’s the fence with all those poor animals tied up?! Some little kid is going to have to go to therapy in 15 years because they saw Shrek and Big Bird tied to a fence!

  2. GramMary says:

    The fridge pulls out? Wonder if mine does…

  3. Abra says:

    LOL Gram Mary & Jen! Farside, my kitchen takes a long time–mostly because I have too much stuff, but even when I have what seems to be a very clear organizational method, nobody else seems to get it . 😉 You are one busy woman with all the projects–I wish I could keep up that well with my lists.

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