Icy Roads

The roads are terrible, it snowed some and then the wind blew and so the North South stretches of road are icy.

Icy Roads  Jan 27

Milk was the only thing that drew us out of the warmth and safety of home.  We should get a cow…or Far Guy should buy larger containers of milk.

It was a pretty day, even if the wind was blowing and there were small snow tornados in some of the fields.

I am not quite done with the kitchen yet..procrastination must be my middle name..we did stop by Wally World and purchase a new cheese slicer and a new hand held mixer.  I declared our wedding gift one from 42 years ago..unsafe with a bare wire.. and too hard to clean with all it’s nooks and crannies.  Mixer design has come a long way in 42 years with dough hooks and cushioned beaters.  Far Guy was looking at all the choices.. we both agreed that we were not going to do any dough and all of our bowls are beater proof..and wouldn’t those cushioned beaters be a pain to clean anyway.  Good thing I cleaned out the cupboards..this new mixer is larger than our other one and has a special resting bowl….Far Guy was anxious to use it. 

I did finish up entering a whole bunch of recipes in the Cousin’s Cookbook.  I am waiting for cousin Geraldine to email me more recipes.  Cousin Kathy is all done sending hers. We have 200 plus recipes.  I am writing a section of cooking tips now.

Make house rules..who ever gets hungry first should do all the cooking.  Oh my I  guess not those kinds of tips.

Some of these are interesting reading anyway.

Run ice cold water over popcorn before popping to eliminate old maids.

( What about the soggy package..will it still work in the microwave?)

Do you have any cooking tips that you would like to share?  I could sure use them:)

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4 Responses to Icy Roads

  1. MILK RUNS: they are inevitable in our small- farm cowless culture. There was a time in our histories (propbably grandparents or great granparents generations)
    when going to town for “supplies” was rare and maybe only once or twice in 3-4 months. I wonder how they did it so well without freezers or electricity, et al.
    My Mom used to talk about the meat-canning that went on after an animal was butchered (right on the farm)
    I have to make a trip to MHD today to visit my Auntie B. and that will include going to a bigger grocery store…for “supplies” including more milk. I have had a yen for rice custard lately and have made it twice so the gallon of milk is near-empty.
    Oh that custard was good though. I would never think of such victuals in summertime but January has its own peculiar tastes…..I am thinking of split pea soup made from boiling a hambone or picnic ham and getting the broth from that.
    I HATE ICY ROADS!!! There used to be a stretch just east of Lake Park that was a sure fire icy road/ black ice place when the wind blew from south or north.

  2. GramMary says:

    My best cooking tip: Don’t…

  3. Phyllis Pritchard says:

    I like GramMary’s cooking tip!

  4. Beth says:

    There’s the old standard: This meals complainer is the next meals cook!

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