Ta Da!

Ta da it is all done

Finally it is accomplished.  I am not sure it was worth all the time and effort I put into it..but the kitchen cupboard and drawers have been cleaned.  Far Guy said “Perhaps I should just clean one cupboard or drawer a week.”   I said “Knock yourself out sweetheart.”

Ta da view two

Yes, I probably should be all matchy matchy and have a black fridge ..but the white one still works just fine..keeps stuff cold and makes ice cubes..what more could you want from a fridge?

I have cooked the last three nights in a row..tonight I am making my favorite popcorn.  Usually once I announce that popcorn is what’s for supper Far Guy takes over.

New Mixer with storage

Here is the new mixer with the storage thingy…it holds the cord and the beaters so everything is all in one place..ingenious..a woman must have designed it.  The new mixer works just fine…the mixer mixes as advertised.

Lemon pudding topped with meringue

I made some meringue for the top of the lemon pudding we had for desert last night.  I always feel guilty if I throw the egg whites in the garbage..so I make meringue.  I sit down right outside the oven to make sure it doesn’t get burned.  I have been known to walk away and forget about stuff under the broiler…and when the smoke alarm goes off I am reminded.  So I have a personal rule..Do not leave the stove unattended whilst using the broiler:)

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  1. Corky Ravndaen says:

    Wow! What a Mixer—Wish I had had it when I made umpteen wedding cakes years ago. You can really make a lovely meringue. And now, what mainly struck my attention is your beautiful kitchen. Don’t let Far Guy mess it up!—-SMILE

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