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Wistful Wednesday: 1953

I was two years old in 1953.  I was still an only child.  Spoiled. The center of attention. It was my last year of being an only child.  I used to go along to the barn. I liked being in … Continue reading

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Aubrey Smiles

Last night I called over to Katie’s and asked if Aubrey was awake and If she was and I came over would she talk to me or not? ( Sometimes she will not say a word.) She  will be four … Continue reading

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Chance: Snowy Day

It snowed yesterday.  I made tracks in the new fallen snow. My black was almost white. The snowflakes were huge. Just another fine day in Minnesota. In the afternoon I had to stay home whilst they went out to lunch … Continue reading

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Treasures in the Trunk: Silk Clothing

I was born while my Dad was in Korea..fighting in the Korean War. That is my Dad on the left. That might be where these clothes came from.  They are mine. I believe they are silk. A jacket with long … Continue reading

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Our Friday morning began with an early wake up call from Jen.  Can you and Dad run south to get the Trophies for todays tournament and bring them up to us in Thief River?  Sure I was only going to … Continue reading

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Almost Normal

We are almost back to normal.  After having a bad cold for a week I am finally feeling better and have refrained from one of those healing naps for a whole day now. I have  been enjoying the colorful dreams … Continue reading

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Fire and Ice

Fire and Ice roses are a favorite of Jen’s.   She had a dozen in a large vase last weekend.  I asked the boys if they knew the name of the roses.  Of course they didn’t. What 10 and 12 year … Continue reading

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Wistful Wednesday : 1887

This is a photo of Far Guy with his relatives.  This beautiful old photo belongs to Cousin Jay now.   A number of years ago Uncle Jimmy gave our daughter Jennifer a copy of the photo. Recently Jen brought it … Continue reading

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I caught a cold..a sneezing, runny nose, watery eyes, ache all over, headache kinda cold. I have taken up residence on the couch.  I stayed in my jammies all day yesterday. I watched old movies..never all of them just bits … Continue reading

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Quilt Square Finished

I finished the quilt square!  It is done is plenty of time! Here it is ready to backstitch. Back stitching is just that.. sewing backwards stitches with one or two threads. Back stitching complete and the work of art was … Continue reading

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