Quilt Square Finished

I finished the quilt square!  It is done is plenty of time!

Ready to Backstitch

Here it is ready to backstitch.

Back stitching is just that.. sewing backwards stitches with one or two threads.


Back stitching complete and the work of art was signed.

The next step requires that you cut the excess of the waste fabric away.

Cut away the extra waste canvas

Then you soak the whole thing in warm water..it softens up the waste cloth that must be removed.

Far Guy pulling threads

Far Guy loves to pull the stitches..he pulls them one at a time with a tweezers.  The stitches are exposed one by one..it took him about an hour of gentle tugging to get all the waste cloth removed.

Completed square

I am so glad it is done..one more project off the list.  No more cross stitching for me for awhile. It will be interesting to see what birds my other cousins have come up with!  This quilt will be put together and hand quilted and given away at the Family Picnic in 2013.  The girls decided that having a picnic every year was getting old so they will skip the usual picnic this year:)

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3 Responses to Quilt Square Finished

  1. cat says:

    Very very nice. I did this years ago and found it a bit more difficult to do on a piece of material like this, versus just doing on cross stitch cloth. I love the bird/cactus and the colors are perfect.

  2. K. Hass says:

    What a cheery and beautiful way to start the morning – you did a good job, Far Side! I love your photos and look forward to them every day. Today’s sunrise is just making the sky rosy.

  3. Faye Miller says:

    Good for you! I thought my family was the only one that called it a Family Picnic and not a reunion. We have one every year also usually in July.

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