Wistful Wednesday : 1887

This is a photo of Far Guy with his relatives.  This beautiful old photo belongs to Cousin Jay now.

Far Guy and His GReat Grandmothers family 

A number of years ago Uncle Jimmy gave our daughter Jennifer a copy of the photo.

Xaver Aleck Family

Recently Jen brought it over so I could scan it on the large bed scanner.  I took the photo into my scrapbook program and identified everyone.

Martha Jane is Far Guys Great Grandmother, Xaver and Christiane are his Great Great Grandparents.

In 1903 Xaver died, Christiane fell apart she was so used to him telling her what to do she could not function on her own.  She was put into a hospital and died a few months later.

Xaver’s Obituary:

Xaver Aleck, the son of Lorenz and Agatha Aleck was born in the Grand-Duchy of Baden, Germany on March 13, 1828.

He migrated to America in 1852 settling for a time in Philadelphia.  He came to Iowa in 1856 and served a home in Harrison County.  After a sojourn of two years he returned to Philadelphia and worked at his trade of tailoring.  In 1860 he entered upon his lifetime occupation of farming in Harrison County.  He continued for 40 years to cultivate his farm and then removed to Logan, Iowa where he has since resided.

He died at 9 a. m. on June 28, 1903.  He was married to Christiane Geiger in Philadelphia on February 18, 1860. To them were born twelve children.

He called no man “Master” and assumed no obligation he could not conscientiously fulfill.  He would not countenance double dealing or subterfuge, nor lend his influence for mercenary gain.  He united in himself the best elements of the land of his birth and the land of his adoption.  He was successful in acquiring a competence.  In attaining his ideal of manhood and in all things did well that which he was called upon to do.  His name shall long be honored, his memory cherished, and his influence unimpaired.

His life was gentle and the elements so mixed in him that Nature might stand up and say to all the world, “THIS WAS A MAN!”

We have been to the Cemetery in Logan, Iowa where he is buried.  He has a magnificent tombstone.  Perhaps the largest marker in the whole cemetery.

Xaver Aleck Grave Marker

I know that he was a good father..he made provisions for Martha Jane to always have a home.  Martha Jane did not choose wisely when she married..but that is a story for yet another day:)

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  1. what precious family history. I have a few photos like that of my family on both sides thankfully.
    One of our neighbors (years and years ago) told a story about her grandson looking at very old photos of relatives. He asked his Grandma where they lived now and she told them they were all dead.
    Then he asked, “Who shot’em?” (he watched too much TV obviously)
    The grandson is a mature adult now and his Grandma is now one of the old pictures of dead relatives.

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