Fire and Ice

Fire and Ice roses are a favorite of Jen’s.   She had a dozen in a large vase last weekend.  I asked the boys if they knew the name of the roses.  Of course they didn’t. What 10 and 12 year old boys would?

Fire and Ice Roses

The upper petals are red, and the underside of the petals are white.

Outer Petals Fire and Ice Roses

I gave them the lesson and told them it might come in handy some day.  Just in case they ever wanted to send their Mother flowers.  They both smiled at me and said “Yah sure Grandma.”

They are easy boys to watch, they just need an adult or two in the house to keep one eye on them.  Noah watches out for his brother, he feels very responsible for him.

Adam is grounded from all video games for two weeks…he woke up Saturday morning and said “I dreamt that I was ungrounded and I was playing video games again.”  His Grandpa said “I bet that was a great dream! “  Adam said “It sure was.”   Tomorrow he gets ungrounded..his two weeks are up. I asked him if he learned his lesson, he replied “kinda”  and then “Grandma could we just not talk about it?”

I felt sorry for Adam but I guess the punishment fit the crime.  I was tempted to let him play games on my Kindle Fire..I point blank asked his Mother is he was specifically grounded from Games on Grandma’s Kindle..the answer was “No.”   I decided that I would abide by his parents rules.  Even if part of me did not agree with them.  I was just feeling sorry for the little boy with the huge blue eyes who always makes me smile:)

Adam at the Becker County Fair

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  1. yahoo–I got a dozen roses like that too but I did not know what kind they were.
    They are beautiful and lasted in a vase for over a week.
    My two Dearly Beloveds gave them to me!!!

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