Almost Normal

We are almost back to normal.  After having a bad cold for a week I am finally feeling better and have refrained from one of those healing naps for a whole day now.

I have  been enjoying the colorful dreams I was having..fever induced no doubt..I won jackpots at the casino, I was robbed in a casino, I was aboard a pontoon that was racing around during an art festival that was projecting it’s art in such a beautiful array of colors on the mirror like surface of a lake, and I went swimming with a whole bunch of dead relatives ( they weren’t dead and swimming but alive and swimming), I smoked a whole pack of cigarettes, I got a new job as a nanny for “19 kids and counting”..and poor Jim Bob had a heart attack.  I was in a war and hiding behind some kind of bullet proof curtain that was blue..except I forgot to cover up my feet ( I had a charley horse).  I could not for the life of me remember where I lived, someone asked me..I could not remember..I asked Far Guy and he wouldn’t tell me cause I should know..well I didn’t..really made me angry so I started to cry and woke up.  And that was just part of one night and what I can remember.  I am a fairly active dreamer when I am ill.

Far Guy had a Colonoscopy the other day..he says he will never be able to drink Gatorade ever again.  They snipped off and lassoed some polyps.  He is recovering nicely most likely due to the excellent care that he has been receiving by Chance and me! He has been having peanut butter withdrawal..and I think Chance has joined him in the throes of that withdrawal.  Today will be a good day for them because they are off of a restricted diet.  The 24 hours that Far Guy spent on a liquid diet was hell..he said even the dog food smelled that is bad.

I have a mountain of laundry to conquer because it has been over a week since I washed clothes..and a week has passed without dusting or scrubbing floors. I need to disinfect a whole bunch of hard surfaces and get out a new toothbrush. I will have a busy day.

Feb 23 snow

We got some new snow.  Better late than never..and we are supposed to have a winter storm coming in over the weekend.  Good thing we can stay home this weekend and hunker down and get caught up:)

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  1. I love your dreams! I have been having dramatic ones lately also….always losing track of my Kitty in some dangerous situation; not getting ready on time to board a bus for a college choir tour..can’t find clothes or anything and am about to miss the bus. I wake up wet from sweating the terrible circumstances of my dream/nightmare. I think it is my medication that promotes such drama all night long. meds also projote sweating at night….but I gotta take it anyway.

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