Our Friday morning began with an early wake up call from Jen.  Can you and Dad run south to get the Trophies for todays tournament and bring them up to us in Thief River?  Sure I was only going to dust and wash clothes anyway.  We left within a half an hour of her call..I ate my toast in the car.  Chance was a bit confused we hardly ever leave home that early in the morning.

One of the tournament volunteers who was in charge of bringing the Trophies forgot them in St Cloud..the head of the Department in St Cloud headed for Wadena ( One hour south of us. We met there within 2 minutes of each other.)  We headed three hours North..and the roads were yucky..icy in spots with blowing snow.  Jen talked us in to the College at Thief River..we had never been to that campus before.  She was like our own personal GPS system and even had a parking spot for us…all via cellphone.

We delivered the Trophies..and were applauded!

Andy teaches Robotics.  This was his baby.  Jen was his Field Manager today.

A Vex Gateway Competition is all about two teams making an alliance and competing against  another alliance.  Red vs. Blue.  They try to outscore each other..I never caught on how the scoring system went..I am too old to remember everything.

Robots getting ready

Getting ready..

Robots ready



Go robots

Go robots!  Each “match” was 2 minutes and 20 it is a fast paced competition, with many qualifying rounds. 

This competition was for Middle School and High School Students. There were teams with fact there was one two person girl team.   Being part of a robotics team teaches teamwork, leadership and problem solving..not to mention some Science, Math and who knows what all.  Noah would have been competing today..but he had to decide between robotics and basketball because they started at the same time last fall and met at the same Noah could not do both. Noah chose basketball. Noah’s best friend Evan was competing with his robotic team today.

Andy is in charge of the Electronic Technology/Automated Systems fact he is the Department Head and tail because he is the only member. It was a fun day, and now I understand more about Andy going to work and playing all day.

Kickin some bots shirt

One of the coaches was wearing this T Shirt..he let me take his photo..he told me “I do big bots, my girls one a Freshman and one a Senior do these little bots.”:)

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  1. Kicking some bots….good one!!!
    Parenting never ends does it? Yesterday my son called me from Fargo…couldn’t find his cell phone and was pretty sure he left it in the “extra car” parked here at the Bluff. I found it in the snow by the drivers’ side and called him and told him it was shrieking like a siren and screaming “HELP ME” (joke) but I offered to drive to Fargo and bring it home….he protested but I reminded him of allt he times he has rescued me from dead batteries and locked in the car-keys. He asked “Who is your favorite son? when rescuing me so I asked him “Who is your favorite Mother” when I wilingly and happily brought his phone back. I needed some dog time anyway with Rocky and the foster dog Teddy who is so homely he is darling (cross pug and chihuahah with a ut-jaw!!!! He is such a darling little lap sitter; I got my dog time and played tug of war with Rocky the big black lab. (we growl at each other and go nose to nose)
    Enjoy tomorrow’s snow day—I do not plan to budge from my recliner or couch all day!

  2. Teddy has a JUT jaw not an ut jaw!!! Typos and fat fingers that are stiff and stiffer.

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