Treasures in the Trunk: Silk Clothing

I was born while my Dad was in Korea..fighting in the Korean War.

Dad in Tokyo 1951

That is my Dad on the left.

That might be where these clothes came from.  They are mine.

Jacket and Pants from Japan

I believe they are silk.

Clothing from Japan

A jacket with long sleeves and a pair of pants.

It is interesting the things I am finding in our old trunk. I feel a connection to the things I have worn and to the things I can verify as mine through photos.  These silky treasures came from a place far away and as far as I know I never wore them.  They were most likely too large for me when my Dad brought them home.  They were probably tucked away for a special day or time.  I wonder if they are pajamas..or dress up clothes?  What do you think?  :)

Update:  This outfit came from Japan, my Dad purchased it there while he was on R and R.

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4 Responses to Treasures in the Trunk: Silk Clothing

  1. PrairieWoman says:

    I think they are clothing vs. pajamas. It’s hard to say whether they are dress up or not. I would say probably not as many of the Asian clothing is ornate by design, even for everyday wear. What a beautiful treasure. And I have no doubt they are silk. Hope you are safe and warm on the Buffalo Ridge.

  2. I think most of the Military men/women brought silk clothing home from Japan/Korea at the time of the wars in the 40s and 50s. Those pictured are beautiful.
    You could hang them up on a wall like a decorative quilt. I did that with a little “dotted swiss” organdy dress my Mom made for me when I was about 8 years old. I still have it and cannot believe how small I was at that age. It looks like a dress for a 5 year old. My cousin in my Dad’s side brought home white silk yardage when she had been an army nurse in Japan. My aunt made her wedding dress from that was so beautiful.

  3. GramMary says:

    My guess is that it was made for the export market, it looks a bit too luxurious for domestic wear. I would agree that it is silk and definitely beautiful. Good idea to use as art.

  4. jackie says:

    I was born when my dad was in Korea also. He brought home silk items much like
    the ones you are showing here.

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