Wistful Wednesday: 1953

I was two years old in 1953.  I was still an only child.  Spoiled. The center of attention. It was my last year of being an only child. 

I used to go along to the barn. I liked being in the barn. I had to go along to do chores. If both of my parents were in the barn..then that is where I was.  Dad made a pen for me to play in, it was made out of straw bales…I loved the kittens..the Banty roosters and hens not so much.

In the winter when it is cold outside it is cozy and warm and aromatic in the barn…wet straw with a slight ammonia smell..fresh cow pies plopping into the gutter…steaming…very odiferous.  The smell of silage thawing out.. a little fermented. 

The nails in the walls of the barn covered in frost. The hay dust gleaming in the sunlight as the hay is thrown down from the hay mow.  The cobwebs hanging in the windows.

The sounds..the cattle munching their ration of grain, shuffling their feet..mooing softly or sometimes not so softly.  The swish swish of the milk hitting the bucket..making bubbles on the surface.  The sound of milk being poured into the strainer that sat on top of the milk can. The kittens meowing for milk in their dish.

My parents trying to carry milk in buckets while the barn kittens swirled around their legs.  Hollering at the Banty’s to leave me alone.

The terror of being pecked by a mean old Banty Rooster that was flapping his wings ninety miles an hour while pecking my legs!  Crying..

Walking back to the house.

Connie Boots are too big 1953

My boots must have been too large for my little feet.  The dogs..I think one was Frosty..and the other was maybe.. Fido?  My Maternal Grandparents were always bringing me a dog..cause they knew I liked dogs!

Connie Winter 1953

Smiling for the camera:)

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3 Responses to Wistful Wednesday: 1953

  1. K. Hass says:

    Thank you for your vivid memories! Your description brought to mind the beautifully written and illustrated children’s book, “Christmas in the Stable,” by Astrid Lindgren. Are you familiar with it? Your little great-niece might enjoy it and it is probably in your local library.

  2. Carey says:

    Nice memories, I remember you being in the house and ME having to go do chores, you had the advantage of being the “girl”. I also remember ME still having to do dishes after supper, I never did think THAT was fair.

    You should have told the part where when you were two of petting the bull’s back legs while standing right behind it. Dad thought you were going to get kicked across the barn, and ran by and grabbed you before the bull kicked. Twas a very mean bull, you were lucky, I think that is why you had your own special pen made, just for you.

    I remember, going down into the basement changing into “chore” clothes and then going out the barn, doing the chores and adter making sure the boots were clean in the snow, going back to the basement after 2 hours of chores changing out of the “chore” clothes again in the basement.

    Mom and Dad would on occasion let me off early if a special TV show was on like Dinsey’s Wonderfull World of Color. Hard work, it didn’t harm me, but you always had the sweeter deal. I’ve often wondered how much easier life would have been for me if you had been a boy.

    • farside says:

      Possibly when you were a baby we both went to the barn..of course me being older an a GIRL and more responsible I would have taken very good care of you:)

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