What’s Up?

Daylilies are coming up through the cover of leaves.


Every fall I rake a bunch of leaves over the daylilies to protect them from frost heaves.  The leaves help to keep in the moisture too..I will clean up around the edges of the bed one of these days.

The temperature was up too.  Record high temperatures for March!IMG_0300

I bought a new thermometer..it is too dark.  I cannot see it from the house..I should have opted for the plain white background..but the Cardinals won me over.  Oh well after Chance’s ball accidently hits it a few times it won’t give the correct temperature anyway.  In the meantime I will enjoy the Cardinals.  In a small town farm supply store choices are limited.

The presentation went well the other day.  About sixty people attended, they had several questions and everyone seemed to enjoy the program.  So there..done with that ..check it off the list!  I came home had lunch and crashed on the couch for about three hours.  Boy did I sleep good!

I met way too many people and I will never remember all their names.  I received two complaints  from would be volunteers who are not volunteering because of prior conflicts with board members.  It is all water under the bridge stuff that people just cannot let go of.  I do not know how to overcome it. It is frustrating for me.  Small towns..ya know. Not everyone gets along with everyone all the time.  I am trying very hard to change some old attitudes about the Historical Society people being pushy outspoken unfriendly snobs.  Heck I am friendly and I smile even if I am cranky.

I might not be the right person to get this all turned around.  I was asked point blank why they cannot seem to keep a director for more than a couple years?   I had to answer truthfully..too many bosses and everyone wants to be queen or king bee when they all need to be worker bees. In a few years I am sure I will give up also, unless I see some improvement. 

I am still a little tired from the transition to Daylight Saving Time. Stress of any kind just wipes me out.  Forget pacing the floor wringing my hands..or the obsessive cleaning I did when I was younger..I just begin to yawn and must have a good long nap:)

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3 Responses to What’s Up?

  1. tulips up here and also the beginnings of Mum plants.
    I have to rake off some leaves and other materials from the lupines and my hydrangea bushes. Probably day lilies too but I have not raked away the dead veg. from last summer.
    Glad your presentation was successful..what else would it be? You are the Woman for the Hubbard Cty museum…you will have that place running so well in a few short spans!!!

  2. astrobob says:

    Great to see your daylilies pushing up, Far. No flowers here yet.

  3. By the way I love the cardinal thermometer…..I have bought up several boxes of Leanin’Tree cardinal Cnhristmas cards (at Fleetfarm)

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