Summer in March

We have had an early week of summer.  In fact it has been warmer this week than it is sometimes during the summer.  I went to town without a coat.  I put away my good snow boots, and resurrected my crocs..I will wear them with socks if it gets cold again. My down parka is still hanging at the ready..I might need it yet this spring. No one has dared to carry the snow shovel away yet.

I have not seen a Robin in our yard yet..Far Guy saw one..but by the time I made it outside with the camera it flew off..most likely to “She who see Robins first” house.  Everyone in the entire neighborhood will see one before me.   The Juncos are here now resting and eating before they head north. I am waiting for the Goldfinches to come and the Grosbeaks.  Our usual Chickadees, Nuthatches and Woodpeckers frequent the feeders.  We brought in the peanut butter was all melty and might attract a bear. All the bird feeders may have to go in the garage at night very soon.  Bears usually don’t wake up until late April or early May, but with this warm weather they may be waking up hungry soon.

The Swans and the Geese are flying overhead.  The June bugs are still hitting the windows at night.  I heard spring peepers the other day when were near a swamp.  Skunks are out and a few have met a happy demise on the highway.

A few farmers can be seen working out in the fields.

Someone must be spreading a little hay for Joes horses.  We went up and watched the horses one afternoon..Chance likes to watch them too:)Joes Horses

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2 Responses to Summer in March

  1. jennifer says:

    Yesterday on our walk we saw a group of 10-15 robins

  2. I saw a robin in the yard after hearing them for several days.
    Did I tell you I planted some lettuce in containers (outside)?
    Jerry talked to Tony yesterday and Tony says we are going to get some snow..I don’tknow how Tony knows that but————-
    We are not taking the snowblower off the tractor yet either.
    This early extra spring/summer is really pleasant…..I am going to miss the juncoes when they go..they are the sweetest little birds.

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