Finally a Robin!  A big hungry one plucking worms out of the lawn near the daylilies.

First Robin March 23 2012

Just one..and he didn’t stick around very long.

“She Who Sees Robins First” is my sister in law, she is married to my other baby brother and they live next door.  She always sees Robins before me…always.

I am kind of a nut about dates..Phenology..keeping track of the the date each year something occurs. 

The Robins:

2008   She April 05….Me April 19 ( I thought about taking remedial Robin sighting classes that year.)

2009 She April 11…Me April 11 ( It was really close ..about an hour apart..she defeated me again..but I held out hope that I was gaining on her.)

2010 She April 02…Me April 05 ( I fell three days behind.)

2011 She ( Oh sometime last week I saw four of them)..Me April 04  at 7 PM.

2012 She Sunday March 18 this year..I am behind again by five days.  I caught this photo yesterday morning March 23 at 9:30 AM.

See me making the “L” sign with my thumb and pointy finger and putting it on my forehead. Loser.. loser..

Lawn is greening up March 23

The lawn is starting to green up a bit.  We got some rain and that helped.  It thundered and the big brave dog hid back in the furnace room.  He doesn’t like thunder or firecrackers or chainsaws:)

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  1. Dale says:

    Good Morning,
    The weather leaves you behind on the Robins. They showed up here on March 15th this year, ( Southeast N DAK ) Last year it was March 19th and we had 8 inches of snow on the ground. I had to put the micro wave outside so they could thaw out their worms. Sure is nice to have spring back, With all the birds singing I have my own personel orchestra.
    Thanks for the good Blogs

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