More Spring!

We went out and about to see what other signs of spring we could find.

The ice went out on the lake on March 23 or early on March 24.

Ice is out March 24

For years and years I kept track of the ice out dates.  One year it was May..most of the time it was right around April 18.  That is our oldest daughters birthday, so that was easy for me to remember as an average date.  That would mean that we are officially 25 days ahead of our usual ice out date.

Pussy Willows March 24 2012

The pussy willows are busting out at the Dead Beaver Area.

Far Guy and I were much of this “new weather” is just a fluke of nature?  What else can we realistically blame it warming?  The earthquake last year in Japan shifting the earth’s axis?  Obama..that is a funny..well maybe not so much.  I read where the weathermen are blaming it on “atmospheric blocking” or a blocking pattern.  Weather repeats itself for days and even weeks.  What ever it is I like it!  However I find it hard to believe that winter is over.


Yesterday I saw a mosquito and a bee.  The Junco’s left.  A pair of robins sits high in a tree near the patio to watch Chance.  Far Guy is watching to see how long it will take them to build their nest on his step ladder that rests against the east side of his garage.  It is a high dry spot to raise a family.

We watched Hockey yesterday.  The Fighting Sioux or North Dakota  as they are called for the purposes of the NCAA is one step closer to the Frozen Four.  They play again today.  I cleaned the bathroom closet whilst watching the game yesterday.  Today I will tackle the drawers in the bathroom..I have new drawer liner stuff and everything!  I can watch hockey and spring house clean all at the same time:)

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One Response to More Spring!

  1. I think it is that blocking pattern that has produced this winter. I read about it last Fall on a NOAA site. It is a familiar pattern to the meteorologists that is in between La Nina and El Nino years.
    I have not spotted pussy willows because it is too wet where I used to go to pick them.
    Juncoes still here…eating merrily on the ground where I throw seed when I fill the bird feeder. They are the sweetest birds in my opinoin..if birds can be sweet.
    There was a similar winter in 1968 which I recall well; a shirt tail relative died last days of March in 1968 and it was summerlike with farmers in the fields planting.

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