Package from Norway!

I got a package in the mail the other day.  From Norway! 

Some time ago I was standing in an Antique Shop looking at old photos(Imagine that).  One of our neighbors happened to be in the shop when I ran across a photo that had Bedstemor written on the back. Russ said “That is Grandmother.”  Good enough for me. I bought the photo..because 1. She was a Grandma  2. The rest of her name was on the photo.

Grandmother from Norway Back CdV

Turns out she was the Great Aunt of Conrad Hilton and I can retire on a deserted island. (Just checking to see if you are still reading.)  Yes she really is a Hilton. Just wishing on the island.

Anyways I sent her on the way to Liv her Great Great Granddaughter who had never seen a photo of her before.  Liv lives in Norway and she knit me mittens! Beautiful hand knit mittens. I will treasure them!

Mittens from Liv in Norway

IF you want to read the whole story here is the link.  Full Circle 50!!  Yes, I have returned  73 photos in 50 Full Circle posts to family, forgotten photos that I have purchased in antique shops, at garage sales and flea markets.  Cool..It is a really fun hobby!  I work with two researchers, Karl (Iggy) and Sue (Abra), if I am ever lost send those two after is mind boggling the information that they can come up with.  Iggy searches public records and Abra is our link to Ancestry. I have met Abra..she and I have been online friends for about four years now, she lives in Minnesota.  Iggy lives in Pennsylvania..I sure would like to meet him some day just to give him a great big hug!

Some photos are found through a simple search for a name..That is how Liv found the photo of her Great Great Grandmother.

Everyday is an adventure over at Forgotten Old Photos.  One day Abra emailed me the name of a person on Ancestry that would be contacting me about a photo..low and behold it was our old next door neighbors in North Dakota…that surprised even me.  That blog does take some time…I just finished scanning all the old photos I have on hand until I purchase more. I won’t be running out of old photos for that blog for a very long time:)

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2 Responses to Package from Norway!

  1. Nice to hear of Abra and her searching for ancestry …I enjoyed meeting her at that picnic we had a few years back.
    Great story about how you got the beautiful mittens!!!

  2. Deb Hegdahl says:

    Does Liv have a pattern for the mittens she knit. I would love to use her pattern to knit mittens for myself. I love the Norwegian patterns. And my hands are always cold during our winters.

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