Wistful Wednesday: 4-H

I was a farm kid, so of course I was in 4-H.  I had a steer one year.  I halter trained him and practiced leading him around I even practiced washing him but we didn’t make it to the fair.  If you took animals to the fair, you were expected to stay there and take care of them.  Fair time was always a busy time on the farm.  We could spend some time at the Fair but not all day long. After that disappointment I had different projects..baking and photography…things that could be left at night by themselves.

We had a county wide winter program called Share the Fun.  All of the 4-H Clubs came up with some sort of entertainment to “Share the Fun”  One year I was it..I twirled my baton.  What fun..if you were half way decent you might get asked to the County Fair and I was.

My Mother took a photo of me twirling..even though it looks like I am about ready to jump into the air, I can assure you I kept my feet on the ground.

Share the fun 1964

The photo is marked Frazee 1964.  I was thirteen years old that year.  I was a member of the “Thrifty-Thirty Niners”  4 H Club.  We were a brand new club that was organized because another club on the prairie that was so popular as a club that it got too large.  I loved being part of the prairie group..even though I cannot remember their name… Prairie Partners??  Prairie something..I think.

One year we had a skit for  share the fun. We all had parts.  I played the part of a rotund old man dressed in red long johns complete with a beard and a pillow stuffed belly.  I had a couple of lines..I don’t remember them either but I had to come on stage and scratch my big old belly and say my lines…apparently they were funny lines because everyone laughed. Then I walked off stage scratching my butt.  And the crowd roared.

Back to the twirling.  My Mother made me a real cute white corduroy short skirt that was lined in red satin, it twirled too. ( I must have had some kind of red satin shorts or fancy panties under that short skirt.)   I wore a red blouse and red knee socks and white tennies.  Fetching I am sure.

That is the extent of my stage appearances.  A twirler and a old fat itchy man:)

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3 Responses to Wistful Wednesday: 4-H

  1. Phyllis Pritchard says:

    It was the Ponsford Panthers 4-H club. (I’m pretty sure)

  2. Teh “Eglon Hawks” went to the state fair in the early 1980s with their share the fun act “The Farmer and the Cowman” from the musical Oklahoma!!! My kids were in at that time and we really had fun getting it ready and performing it in many places. What good memories of 4-H yoru blog triggered. What happened to your steer? Did he get eaten.
    That would have been the part that would have destroyed me..having your pet become meat.

  3. Jan - Alexandria says:

    We were the Sacred Heart Hi-lites 4H club. For Share the Fun night one year we were Alvin and the Chipmunks with light brown stretch pants and shirts. I remember Mom dying the shirts all together. We sang along with the then popular record. I guess we had fun but it sounds dorky now!

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