I spy..

I spied some little green buds.

Buds on some brush March 25

Chance along a deer trail..please do not roll in any deer poop.

Chance March 25

And pussy willows..

Pussy Willows March 25

Spring has temporarily been put on hold, it turned windy (howling banshee windy scare the dog half to death) and now it is cold.  Well, not all that cold..40 degrees ( 4 degrees C).  It is supposed to be warmer this weekend:)

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One Response to I spy..

  1. I spy with my little eye…….tiny green leaves on one of those flowering crab,tiny sour apple trees at a nearby farm. I don’t think they will make it unless we have nothing but warm weather from now on…but I just read Daryl Ritchisoln’s blog titled “April Storm”…..and that is a reality for us up in the Northland.
    UGH…let us hope it does not happen this year. Rain, Rain but not snow.
    We have gotten a good soaking rain on Thursday morning.

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