Chance: Making new friends

I have a new friend.  His name is Putzer and he lives just down the road.   He is Odda’s new brother. 

He is just a little bit of a dog.


I was patient with him, however I did growl when he bit my tail.

Odda Putzer and Chance  March 30 2012

I told you he is just a little bit of a dog.

Odda is having a hard time.  Far Side says Odda’s nose is outta joint but her nose looked fine to me.  One day this week Far Guy thought there was a bear in our yard, turned out it was just Odda running away from home.  We brought her inside and we called her Mom.  Odda was in big trouble. We were just happy that we were home and could be a safe place for her to run away to.

One time when I was little and got confused and ran across the road into the field, Jo and Leah stopped and picked me up.  They saved me then…so it is only right that we watch out for each other when we can.

Odda chance aND Putzer

The little bit of a dog named “Putzer”  is an Australian Shepherd.  Odda is a Bernese Mountain Dog and me..well I am a Border Collie that blogs:)

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  1. Thanks for writing about Putzer, Chance. He looks just like the Australian Shepherd (Annie) we had in the 1970s. I still miss her but your pictures and your blogs keep me cheered up!!! Annie had one blue and one brown eye though. She was a good dog and a good friend.

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