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Watching the Lilac Buds

I have been watching the buds on the lilac bush. This was April 06, 2012 Twenty- three days later on April 29.  Spring is sure slow.  I hope there is a flower under there. Remember if you want to trim/prune … Continue reading

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Spring Blooms

Some of the shrubs are blooming. The Pin Cherries are so pretty, sending out their blooms before they leaf out. The Chokecherries are beginning to bloom too. It is so good to see something green.  Spring is slowly unfolding back … Continue reading

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Wood Carving: Finished Lady Slipper

I finished the Lady Slipper.  I super glued the parts together and Far Guy helped me peg them together with toothpicks..wood carving is highly technical. I carved off the protruding tooth pegs and sanded it down one final time. Then … Continue reading

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May Baskets 2012

I got started on the May Baskets.  Last week I searched for an idea.  I found one here for a Bee Bouquet. I headed to the local “Dime Store”..I am not sure why I call it that..nothing there costs a … Continue reading

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The Gold Finches finally showed up.  They are a little scruffy looking.  The males molt from the drab yellow/olive color to the beautiful sunshine yellow of summer. So far I have only seen the males. They frequent the thistle seed … Continue reading

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Wistful Wednesday :1958

In the school year 1958 to 1959 I was in second grade.  My teacher wrote this on my report card.  “She is doing good work in all subjects.  She does beautiful written work and is very conscientious about finishing her … Continue reading

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Chance: Herding Practice

Hiya!  It is me Chance!  It is my turn to blog! Some Border Collies have it made!  They get to herd sheep, goats or cows. Far Side was thinking about getting me some Guinea Hens or some Ducks.  Rumor has … Continue reading

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For the birds

I couldn’t resist this little feeder.  Pretty little thing that it is. It is Far Guys favorite color.  I bought it at Menards.  Yes, I like to shop at Menards once in a while.  I was on a mission..I was … Continue reading

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Earth Day The Crying Indian

Remember back to the 1970’s and the Keep America Beautiful project?  The project was centered on “No Littering”  recycling and community beautification. Old Iron Eyes Cody stood at the side of the road and a single tear rolled down his … Continue reading

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The Buckskin Jacket

Far Guys Dad had this buckskin jacket made for him.  He wore can tell that a little boy must have played cowboys in it. There are no photographs of him in it. Perhaps his sister remembers something. Perhaps he … Continue reading

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