The Buckskin Jacket

Far Guys Dad had this buckskin jacket made for him.  He wore can tell that a little boy must have played cowboys in it. There are no photographs of him in it.

The buckskin jacket

Perhaps his sister remembers something.

Perhaps he wore this with his Davy Crocket Handkerchief..we have that somewhere it is almost worn out.  ( Note to self..locate it someday.) Perhaps he put on his side his Gene Autry Holster.

We always wanted a photograph of one of the grand boys in it.  It was either too small or too big.  Perhaps a Great Grandchild will pose in it someday.

I can always hope that he wore it for kindergarten class pictures.  The theme seems to have been cowboys and cowgirls.  There were several sections of kindergarten that year..he was not in this section.  I am hopeful that someday someone will bring some more old class photos into the museum.

kindergarten 1955-1956 (2)

Gina  Linda, Mark and Jackie are in the middle row in the center with the huge smiles! Floyd is in the back row third from the right.  Betty  Suzanne is in the front row second from the right.

Nowadays that little kid in the front row next to Betty Suzanne would be carted off to jail.  Times have sure changed:(

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2 Responses to The Buckskin Jacket

  1. Yeah looking at a kindergarten girl like that would surely be sexual harassment!!!!

  2. Tansey says:

    I think she is talking about the child to the left(looking at the picture)of Betty. The child is a girl- if you blow up the picture on your screen- you can see that she has MaryJane strapped shoes on. She would be carrying off if it were today because she is holding a gun. Hey my cuzn and I played Roy Rogers and Dale Evans riding saw horses for our horses- I loved my 2 cap guns and holsters and I am female.

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