For the birds

I couldn’t resist this little feeder.  Pretty little thing that it is.

For the birds

It is Far Guys favorite color.  I bought it at Menards.  Yes, I like to shop at Menards once in a while.  I was on a mission..I was looking for one of those dog thingys..a blanket with two loops on each side to go over the head rests in the back seat.  Something that I could take out and wash or shake off.  I swear the seats in our car are like Velcro and attract Chance’s fur. I wandered through the very short automotive aisle and ended up in the pet aisle buying stuff for birds.

Did you know that you can buy suet with meal worms?  Did you know that you can buy containers of dehydrated meal worms?  Did you know meal worms are a favorite food of Bluebirds?

Yesiree!  We are ready for them if they show up!

The dehydrated meal worms

I wonder what will happen to them if it rains?

I hung it quite high on a branch, one little Nuthatch checked it out but didn’t stay long.

Yesterday I sat out on the patio just watching the birds. I am still tired..

Purple Finch

The Purple Finches have been here a few days, I finally got a photo!

The big fundraising dinner for the Museum was a success, we raised some funds!  I am not sure of exactly how much yet, but every little bit helps.  We served 150 dinners. We presold tickets and took reservations.  The guests enjoyed the music and the dinner program.

I am TRYING to educate all the members and volunteers.  Last year when we had the fund raiser everyone that worked in the kitchen or helped out in any way..ate free..except for Far Guy and I.  This year I told them all in no uncertain terms that everyone would need a paid ticket.

Well wouldn’t you know of the volunteers/members returned his tickets to me on Friday ..saying “I had no luck selling the tickets.”  YET he showed up at the dinner, grabbed a plate and helped himself… I said “Gee..Waldo since you returned all your tickets I didn’t make you a reservation.”  Too which he replied “Oh I am fine, I just like to help out in the kitchen.” DUH..?? 

Picture me banging my head on a wall…whilst uttering bad words. May the fleas of 1,000 camels infest Waldo’s  armpits   or hair elsewhere on his body:) :) Yes that is a double smile 

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  1. Good pic of the red finch/purple finch. I have heard these guys called redpolls also and house finches. Are they all the same or are they different I wonder? They all hae red rosy feathers (males) I have them at the feeders also and saw the first gold finch (color change) a couple of days ago. I am going to buy a much bigger finch feeder as soon as I get to a place wehre they are more reasonably priced (not at a pet store)
    Miss Kitty is aging…she just looks at the birds now instead of licking her lips.

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