Chance: Herding Practice

Hiya!  It is me Chance!  It is my turn to blog!

Some Border Collies have it made!  They get to herd sheep, goats or cows.

Far Side was thinking about getting me some Guinea Hens or some Ducks.  Rumor has it that I might herd them, and they might eat ticks!  Far Side doesn’t want to do chores all winter.  We could give away the Ducks.  Guinea Hens would  have to be butchered.  Guineas  imprint on the place they are raised and will not transfer to another place..they will try to return to their home.  We don’t even know what Guinea Hens taste like, but Far Side could probably make some soup.

Then a Fox was discovered in our area..real close by..they already got most of my bunny friends and Far Side is sure that the Fox will get any fowl that she brings home.

What is left for me to herd?  Although Far Side loves goats and fondly remembers her pet goat..I don’t think her resume will include Goat Herder with Border Collie helper anytime soon.  She says IF she were younger and had a proper barn she would give it a go.

So I herd the chipmunks.  One was real stupid and only entertained me for half of a day. I had it cornered in a drain pipe out behind Far Guys garage..Far Guy couldn’t take the barking any longer and stuck a broom handle down the pipe and wouldn’t you know it the stupid chippy leapt right into my jaws.   Chipmunks 0  Chance 1.

Far Guy brought out the grill and put the cover on.  Chipmunks now have a place to hide and chirp at me.

Chance herding chippys April 22 2012

Border Collies need jobs.  My job is to herd chipmunks, chase squirrels and to play ball:)

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One Response to Chance: Herding Practice

  1. kay syvrud says:

    I know all about unemployed BCs Chance…we had one after we got rid of our sheep and a few cows and our Mac got so bored that he “excavated” a deep ditch one fall…right by ther house foundation and we did not notice what he was up to til he almost got down to the electrical and phone wires.
    I am glad you have some chipmunks to herd. If you get bored we have a naughty red squirrel coming up on our deck and eating suet for the woodpeckers.
    But if we hired you for a week you would take care of it…I know you would.
    Good pictures of you guarding the grill outside your house. I remember visiting you once and you had a chippy inside the grill that time too.
    You could herd Farside or Farguy when they go get the mail–have you ever thought of that? Mac did that to me and I had black and blue marks on the back of my legs to show for it. I was his EWE for a long time.

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