Wistful Wednesday :1958

In the school year 1958 to 1959 I was in second grade.  My teacher wrote this on my report card.  “She is doing good work in all subjects.  She does beautiful written work and is very conscientious about finishing her work.  But sometimes she talks too much in the lunch room.”

Second Grade 1958 1959

Just when I was doing no wrong..my big mouth got me in trouble. 

My second grade teacher was Minnie Zauche,  I adored her.  Her husband was a Forest Ranger.  Because of them I became interested in flowers and trees.  They lived just a short bike ride away.  They had extensive gardens and an orchard, in the summer something was always blooming and Mrs. Zauche was happy to show you something in her gardens. Many years later Mrs. Zauche retired and I was chosen to represent our class and present her with a red rose.  She got one rose from every class she taught..she had a huge bouquet!  

They had a daughter named Becky. Sometimes she would babysit for me and my baby brother.  She would lay on the couch, my brother and I would take turns laying on the back of the couch or on the floor and we would scratch each others backs. She would call for a switch and my brother and I would trade places, since she remained on the couch her back was always being scratched!  Sometimes I would ride on the back of her bike..one time I got my heel in the spokes of the bike..and we both cried. She was the best babysitter we ever had.  Since she had no brothers or sisters she liked taking care of us..at least I think she did.

My favorite dress from the second grade.

Sapphire Blue Dress

It still looks pretty good for being 53 years old.  It is another one of those treasures tucked away in the trunk:)

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  1. kay syvrud says:

    That is a nice dress…I have a very frail one of “dotted swiss” organdy that my Mom sewed for me when I was about 8 years old. It is a treasure too..the only survivor of all of my clothing.

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