The Gold Finches finally showed up.  They are a little scruffy looking.  The males molt from the drab yellow/olive color to the beautiful sunshine yellow of summer.

Scruffy looking Gold Finch

So far I have only seen the males.

Gold Finches

They frequent the thistle seed in the bag feeder.  Oh my.. the last few days have been almost summer like.  70 degrees is a perfect could stay 70 degrees all summer as far as I am concerned.

I put out some garden ornaments and the rain gauge the other day.  It is almost time to drag out the patio furniture!

Chance and I have started to make evening trips.  He loves the evening rides and so do I.

Sunset April 25

Sunset is at 8:21 PM.  In the Spring I am always surprised how fast the sun sneaks north of us to set.

I have many projects to finish up..these last few days I have of complete freedom are going way too fast.  Five more days of freedom. I am busy watching the birds and the golden sunsets so some things are just going to have to wait until Fall.  May 1st I am going back to work.

You all should be thinking about bringing in the May with May Baskets!  I have all my material for the baskets sitting on my desk..perhaps today I will get around to it!  I love the old tradition of making and filling May Baskets. Haven’t heard of May Day Baskets?  Stay tuned:) 

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2 Responses to Golden

  1. GramMary says:

    Watching birds and golden sunsets are better for your soul…projects will always be there.

  2. I agree with Gram Mary..spend your days before the Museum resumes watching birds, driving with Chance, seeing the sunsets and other ONLY pleasant things.
    You will not regret it. Projects can be shelves for enhancing mental/emotional well being!!!

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