May Baskets 2012

I got started on the May Baskets.  Last week I searched for an idea.  I found one here for a Bee Bouquet.

I headed to the local “Dime Store”..I am not sure why I call it that..nothing there costs a dime anymore.

I needed colored paper and pipe cleaners.

Bee May Basket 

This is the first one I made..the prototype..the others are in process on my desk.

Messy desk

It is taking longer than I thought.  It is putzy work, but I love playing with paper. Cutting and gluing and creating.May Basket Parts

This is what I used.  I made my own pattern.  The black piece is cut out of a 12 x 12 piece of black paper.  I could get three sometimes four wings out of the blue 12 x 12  paper.  The yellow strips are torn.  I used my heart punches for the eyes.  Three pipe cleaners are used per bee.

Fold the black piece into a cone shape..then staple in place.

Glue on some yellow torn stripes.

Glue on the yellow hearts for eyes and then the black.

Form one pipe cleaner into the antennae and staple into place.

Punch holes into both sides of the cone and add two pipe cleaners to form the handle.

Position the wings and staple them on.

Add a smile and heart shaped eyes with a silver pen.

Fill with candy or flowers.

On May 1st you take the May Basket and put it on someone’s door.  You knock on the door or ring the door bell.  Then you run..if you are caught you might be kissed!

I challenge you to bring in the May with me on May 1st.  I will report back on May 2nd with a blog post and photos of my deliveries on May Day…and possibly an old photo of me on May Day a long time ago.

I have celebrated May Day as long as I can remember.  I made baskets with my brothers and my sister.  I made baskets with my children.  Now my children make May Baskets with their children. Now I make May Baskets to deliver to my great nieces and nephews..some day they will remember me as the old woman who used to bring them candy in a basket on the first day of May:)

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4 Responses to May Baskets 2012

  1. May baskets are such a simple reminder of the joys of childhood and to not take the world so seriously. Besides, when can you legitimately ring a doorbell and run!?

  2. Mary Krantz says:

    I love this! One of my daughter’s has a May Day birthday and for years (especially in elementary school) we made May Day baskets for her classmates. She is in her first year of college now, and I have been toying with the idea of again making her May Day baskets to give to her dorm floor. You have given me inspiration!

  3. Ah sweet Maybaskets. The fanciest I ever did (as a child) was pretty paper cups with white pipe cleaners for handles. We did some paper woven ones in school and they were neat but I did not make them at home…..we did not have constructoin paper in town!!!! (not even at Peterson’sBargain Basement our version of a dimestore)

  4. P.S> by the time we hit 4th grade we all made Maybaskets out of paper napkins and tied them with wrapping ribbon or used stick pins!!!! We had to use double napkins to hold the goodies which had to include: popcorn or peanuts. orange banana flavored “peanuts” candy orange slices tootsie rolls chocolate drops (looked like volcano cones) homemade fudge or divinity. Oh they were wonderful…got more candy than at Halloween . My Dad LOVED MayDay because my sister and I got a lot of good candy!!! (which he helped us eat)
    WE chased each other at school trying to give out the Kisses which were required.
    Our poor teachers on May 1!!!!

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