Spring Blooms

Some of the shrubs are blooming.

The Pin Cherries are so pretty, sending out their blooms before they leaf out.

Pin Cherries

The Chokecherries are beginning to bloom too.

Chokecherry Blooms

It is so good to see something green.  Spring is slowly unfolding back here in the woods.

I have been busy finishing up some projects. I still have a few I am working on.

One day I made a huge batch of baked beans and froze them up for the summer.  They are so easy to take out of the freezer to supplement a meal.  We also discovered a soup that we both like..it is a Creamy Wild Rice Soup by Shore Lunch..20 minutes and soup is what’s for supper.  I am not a big fan of creamy soups but this one is a keeper.  It makes a big enough batch that it makes at least two meals for us.  Lately we are all about cooking once and eating twice.  Lazzzy cooks!

I finished up all my Bee Baskets for May Day, and I will fill them with Fruit Roll Ups and Skittles for the little ones.

I went through all my files for work that I had at home over the winter.  Getting rid of duplicates and filing papers properly.

I finally have a work contract.  It is doable.  Far Guy is going to be working one day a week for me and I am to have one four day weekend off per month ( A Board Member will work in my place.)  I am looking forward to the chance to do something else one weekend a month!  Oh yes and I got a raise.  There are a couple of things I am not so happy about..but perhaps that feeling will pass..with time..or not:)

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  1. I watch the weather and mark the passage of the seasons by what’s happening with the Chokecherry tree outside my window. Sometimes, if I’m lucky, the birds will let me have a few berries to make jelly.

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